2015 is darkening (at last!)

PATH OF GOLCONDA have spent the last year writing new material for the upcoming longplayer and are proud to announce that they will enter the studio later this year! All news can be found here soon, of course.

If you are interested in a first (ar)sonic appetizer, don't miss our show at the Zentrum Altenberg, 28 February 2015. We will be painting the town red - or black, respectively - with Atoa, Breathe Atlantis and The Ocean Screams in order to help our friends, the organisers of Olgas Rock Festival, who need some support after the last year's financial calamities... Sounds like a good occasion for playing new shit, don't you think?

Order tickets by using the usual advance booking options or check our shop


Heavy new year news

Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Noise, in line with our plans of having a loud 2015, we are happy to announce that we will take a short break from working on the new record for a very special live show: On February 28, 2015, we will be rocking the Zentrum Altenberg (Oberhausen) together with Atoa, Breathe Atlantis and The Ocean Screams.

You might have heard that the last year hasn't been particularly successful for the Olgas Rock-Festival, which is why the organisers and a couple of bands (including yours truly) have decided on setting up a decent metal charity event: all you and us have to do is be there, rock on, and get wasted. Besides, there might be some surprises... So make sure you order your tickets in time!


Of Flags and Wind and Change

PATH OF GOLCONDA are still busy with the new record, but it seems that creative energies are flowing like the proverbial everflowing stream. This time, they give away another free track in support of their mate Christian Krumm's novel "At Dawn They Sleep," lending voice and vision to just another bunch of imaginary friends: ASSKICK! Go to the novel's website and check out this similarly deep and thrashing new track, "Flag in the Wind (of Change)" - for seven days and for free!